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Great News Sunil Grover Coming Back to Kapil Sharma’s Show

Even if Sunil Grover came on Kapil Sharma’s show, he would work only for a month

kapil&sunil fight

After the fights of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, there is still suspense that doctor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi will now be seen in this show or not. By the way, a new thing came up so that the possibility of Sunil coming in the show and getting fainted.

It is being said that Sunil’s contract with Sony TV is ending next month. Khabri said, ‘Looking at the contract, it looks like he will never return to the show. Most of his fans also want this. Even if Sony TV made pressure, they can complete the formalities by shooting two-four episodes, but there is no question of doing more work than that. ‘

Let us know that the real reason for Kapil and Sunil’s Fight. The news of an English newspaper was claimed that the quarrel occurred on the talk of starting serving food before time. The passengers travelling along with them had told about this.

kapil&sunil fight

This was the scene inside the flight

Indeed, in the flight Kapil Sharma was drinking alcohol with his team. The team had finished drinking and Kapil was still in the running. Then the Flight Crew began to serve food. When the team started eating, Kapil broke and said, ‘When I did not start eating, how did you people started before me?’ They shouted loudly that all the passengers heard their voice.

Witnesses said that on the scream of Kapil, his team also returned the food tray. During this time, Sunil Grover tried to pacify him, then Kapil flashed. He take off his shoe and start hitting Sunil. He was constantly hiting Sunil’s coller holding them. A female crew member also got hurt in this push-punch.

Khabri also told that Kapil was shouting ‘I have made you a career of people. I’ll finish my career. What do you think of TV? I will kick you all out of my show. ‘

Kapil was repeatedly saying to Sunil, ‘ you have once quit my show … Again come back to me.’ When the cabin crew threatened to land the emergency in case of Kapil’s calmness, he became silent.

After the case Sunil did not arrive at the show, Kapil apologized to him. In response, Sunil wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, “Brother … we have learned a lot from you. Just want to advise that apart from animals, start honoring humans too. Not everyone is as talented as you. If everyone becomes talented like you, who will give you importance? ‘

“I thank you for giving me this realization that this is your Show, you can kick anybody out of the show whenever you want,” said Sunil, who played Doctor Machoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi in Kapil’s show.

Kapil, who did not believe in the first dispute, wrote in response to Sunil’s tweet, “I am feeling a lot of things … you love … meet you at home in the evening

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