Dream Star Cast Who Will Act in S.S. Rajamouli’s Mahabharata

Since the ‘Bahubali 2’ director SS Rajamoula announces that he will make a film on the Mahabharata, people have the curiosity to know that who will be the part of this film? Though Raja Mauli has not yet made a cast announce, but in the past, he had also met actor Aamir Khan.

Now, what cast will be for the film, it will be known in the coming time, but in these days a video has come out which explains which character will suit in which character.

ss rajamuli mahabharat

Looking at the popularity of Prabhas and then with the grandeur of which he played Bahubali, it seems that Prabhas would be perfect for Bhima’s character. In the same way, Hrithik Roshan is believed to be right for Karna’s character. At the same time, Ranveer Singh is absolutely right for Sahdev’s character.

In this video where Rajinikanth is shown in the form of Dronacharya, Amitabh Bachchan Bhisma, Deepika Padukone Draupadi, Abhishek Bachchan looks like Dushashan, Aamir Khan as Krishna and Rekha as Kunti.


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