12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists…

I somehow could never understand the meaning of bad photography. Okay maybe, the camera wasn’t good enough or there wasn’t enough light to capture the right shot. But in the end, it is all about that one image that you have captured and with that image you have managed to capture a fleeting moment that cannot be replaced no matter what. This is what the art of Photography is all about. When you come across stunning images, it somehow makes you wish to either be in that location or in case of potraits, to look as good as the person in that image. Photography is all about capturing emotions in a frame, it conveys, exactly what it captures through pictures. It is even known to be one of the best ways to communicate without a single use of word.

People who are inclined towards photography often see the un-seeable in the simplest of places. It is their way of communicating with a place. Yes, photography is probably the only way that one can communicate with certain places, and feel connected.

Smithsonian, is a magazine that works and researches about topics like Science, Art, History, Culture and Innovation. They have been constantly updating their readers about the global trending art topics for many years now. Recently they announced the top finalists of the 12th Annual Photo Contest by Smithsonian. From more than 26, 500 entries taken by photographers, from more than 93 countries, few pictures were narrowed down to the final contest. The results of this contest will be announced on the 31st of March. Some moments from this contest were either clicked by chance or some were to celebrate the scenic beauty of a static location. Nonetheless, the result was splendid.

Posted below are the top shots from the finalists of the Smithsonian Photo Contest.

A Frog being gulped down by a Snake – Photograph by Nicolas Reusens


An Elephant Seal pup remains unshakeable, in spite of being hit by a Wave – Photograph by Anthony Smith


Amazing reflection of the Light through the curves of a breaking Wave – Photograph by Ray Collins


A Green Iguana surfaces for some Air – Photograph by Lorenzo Mittiga


A Vicuna, wanders away from its group in Ecuadorian Andes – Photograph by Kristhian Castro


A teenage girl from the Arbore Tribe – Photograph by Matjaz Krivic


Women of a small village near Vinh Hy Bay in Vietnam, sewing a fishing net – Photograph by Pham Ty


A Mursi tribe member holds an AK 47 to defend their land – Photograph by Jorge Fernandez


Two boys jump into a river in a village near Vietnam – Photograph by Viet Phuong Tran


Fireworks shower during the Holy Week Celebrations in Acobamba, Tarma, Peru – Photograph by David Huamani Bedoya


Young Buddhists novices play in Myanmar – Photograph by Sergio Carbajo Rodriguez


Children playing on the main minaret of the Grand Mosque in Bani, Burkina Faso – Photograph by Matjaz Krivic Reina


The World’s longest and highest non-stop single-track cable car, is engulfed by mist blankets in Da Nang, Vietnam – Photograph by Trang Nguyen


People reading in the National Library of China – Photograph by Yilang Peng


Any photograph helps in holding onto a moment longer than it actually existed. Photography is a fuzzy and ironic form of Art, that offers us with glimpses of others mind and soul. It teaches our eyes to See and not just look around. It is not the Camera that one uses that makes a picture, but the Mind of the Photographer is what makes the picture… It is he alone who knows, feels and sees the picture the way it is meant to be…

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